For complex, complete and effective skin care, BELITA has developed a new line of SATIN SKIN cosmetics. The line is suitable for all skin types aged 25+
Soft and gentle formulas of products with natural ingredients perfectly care for the skin, preserving its health and beauty.

Checklist on how to use facial care products correctly.

In the evening:
1) remove cosmetics with cleansing oil,
2) wash with gel primer,
3) wipe your face with a sponge peeling (if there are no uncomfortable sensations, then you can hold it on the skin for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off),
4) apply vinegar toner on your face,
5) then use a night cream and a patch mask for the skin around the eyes (we recommend using the mask 1 hour before bedtime to avoid puffiness).

We recommend using a fruit acid mask once a week (if the skin is sensitive) and 2 times a week (if the skin is prone to oily). We use the mask after the primer gel.

In the morning:
1) wash with primer gel,
2) wipe your face with vinegar toner,
3) apply a booster-minimizer to areas with enlarged pores,
4) use a patch mask and CICA face cream, then you can safely apply daytime makeup and in high spirits please the world with your beauty!

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