CRYOMEZOcomplex is a worthy alternative to a cryotherapy treatment, awakening your skin with a frosty touch to achieve lasting multi-level moisturization and comprehensive rejuvenation. CRYOMEZOcomplex is a line of cosmetics built on a well-balanced set of high-performance components using the injection-free technology of skin  hydrovitalization — intensive saturation of the skin with water, and ensures multi-level moisturization and normalization of the moisture balance.


Pentavitin® deeply moisturizes your skin, helping retain moisture for 72 hours*, reduces flaking and tightness, enhances the epidermal barrier, makes your skin soft and smooth, and gives it a glowing, healthy look.

* achieved after one month of use; efficacy attested by DSM, Switzerland.

Targ eted-action hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deep layers of epidermis, pushing wrinkles out from the inside and providing an effect similar to a mesotherapy salon treatment.

Optim Hyal™ encourages hyaluronic acid synthesis, restores its ideal balance, increases

skin hydration, elasticity, tightness and firmness, smooths wrinkles and reduces imperfections.

Matrixyl Synthe 6 is a biomimetic peptide that boosts the synthesis of type I, III and IV

collagen, providing a reduction in forehead wrinkles by up to 31%** and crow’s feet, by up to 21.1%**.

** effect achieved after two months of use; efficacy attested by Sederma, France.

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