Plunge into a romantic and dreamy world with Belita SPA bath foams …

Bath foam “Lavender”
Lavender is a delicate flower that captivates with its memorable scent. The scent of lavender is mesmerizing, inhaling the scent of this extraordinary flower, they want to breathe and feel it on themselves. Relieve fatigue, tension and stress and plunge headlong into the arms of the magical scent of lavender.

Bath foam “Lavender” turns your daily procedure into a real SPA pleasure.

Bath foam “Lemon and Verbena”

Verbena is a flower of love. The seductively delicate and attractive scent of Verbena, combined with the fresh scent of sun-ripened lemon fruits, creates a mood of extraordinary lightness and serenity. The invigorating scent of lemon and verbena will again and again return you to the summer twilight, surrounded by a delicate veil of iridescent seductive shades of aroma.

Bath foam “Lemon and Verbena” – feel yourself in the arms of a captivating aroma.

Bath foam “Siberian cedar and juniper”

Cedar is a majestic tree that instills a sense of calm and tranquility. Cedar has a noble aroma, and in combination with juniper, the composition acquires an unusually multifaceted fragrance. The enchanting aroma of Siberian cedar and juniper will envelop you in the woody-spicy notes of the coniferous forest, and you can enjoy its magical breath.

Bath foam “Siberian Cedar and Juniper” – feel the vital energy of the coniferous forest.

Bath foam “Romantic France”

France is a country of love and romance. Every city, street, courtyard is imbued with charm and sensuality. A captivating perfumery scent immerses your body in the atmosphere of romantic France with its old streets, coffee shops, alleys and gardens filled with an aura of love and charm.

Enjoy beautiful dreams with the “Romantic France” bubble bath.

Bath foam “Peony”

Peony is a symbol of beauty, dissolving its tender and quivering petals, it fills the world with a riot of colors. The secret of the peony scent is in its originality and uniqueness. The amazing scent of a lush flower is sweet and intense, yet subtle and strikingly graceful. The aroma embodies tenderness, sensuality, it is designed to refresh, give airiness, a feeling of freedom and flight.

Peony bath foam – your body soars in clouds of soft foam, and your mind enjoys the delightful scent of peony petals.

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